2010.09.16 Two Weeks in BCIT
Woah... I haven't write my entry for a week I believe...

Sorry m(_ _)m

It is because I am very busy with studying and working ^^;


Two weeks in BCIT was quite fun. I've met awesome friends there, they're great, I like them! :3

Some of them just graduated from high school, and some had already finished from other university or college.

Other than fun, BCIT made me very busy. I have to wake up at 5.00 am almost everyday. Even though I woke up late twice already lol.

I hate it when I had to go by bus number 430. The problem is not with 430, but bus number 130 at Metrotown Station. I have to line up in very long line! Usually, I need to wait until the third bus is coming, then I can go in...

I wish I could take a picture how long it was... I always forget to bring my camera :3

The courses in BCIT also made me tired. I have to take 7 courses (become 6 right now because I took one of them during summer school). Especially math homework...

The teacher was nice, but she gave us tons of homework to do! = =;;

Not only that, I need to read the textbook so I wouldn't left behind. So much stuff to do! Don't know how will I manage my time to do all of those things >.>

I also just listened to music called: Memory Feats Mika Nakashima. It was a good song, I like it. Brings back to my childhood for a while there. Please listen to that song, お勧めだぜ!:3

Okay... and this is my second blog I guess...

See you next time! :3

Alright! So this is actually my first time to create a blog. So... I don't really know what should I say in this. Hehe :3

... |
... |----- [...THINKING TIME...]
... |

じゃ。。。 let's start with introduction then! XD

OK, so... my name is Ardi Nugraha. I came from Indonesia. Right now I'm living in Richmond BC, Canada. It was...
This will be over 1 paragraph, and it's going to be hard to read, don't you agree?

Then... let's do it in this form:

Name: Ardi Nugraha
Origin: Indonesia
Location: Richmond BC, Canada
Age: 18 (going to 19 soon :3)
College: BCIT, Burnaby
Hobby: Listening to music (Japanese mostly), online, and gaming :3
About me:
- Nice (I believe LOL)
- Easy going
- Fan of SCANDAL band and miwa's album
- Interested in Japanese and Chinese culture (Willing to know more)
- Also interested in observing people
- Using :3 or XD a lot! XD for my emoticon.


I think... that's about me... yeah, and I think this is enough for my first blog. I believe :3

Then... see you next time! XD